We take a unique approach to branding. It involves taking the time to get to the true heart of a client’s business and working together to strip the brand’s essence back to its very core. It’s here we often reveal a brand’s true purpose, and begin to build an honest and meaningful identity. What emerges are brand stories rich in possibility and ready to capture an audience’s undivided attention.


As a design partner we collaborate to interpret your message and, through clever, simple and honest design, make sure your vision makes an impact. From business cards to look books, magazines, online campaigns, books & covers, newsletters, booklets, prints and packaging, we find the heart of the brand and work with you to communicate it accordingly.

Web design

With a passion for high-end and simplistic aesthetics, the way we approach a web project is always to put humans at the centre of the process. Once we feel like we have a complete understanding of the end-user, we then seamlessly blend this human-centred design with your technical and commercial aspects, which lie beneath the surface. This ensures that every Trashure-designed website not only delivers a strong brand message, but leaves an even stronger visual impression.

Art direction & Content production

Our background in art direction and production gives us the knowledge and skills to create meaningful design concepts, brand campaigns and digital/social content. We approach this work from a place of exploration and with a passion for creating minimalistic, human-centric work that allows the finer details to shine.

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