About Trashure Studio

Trashure Studio’s creative purpose has always been to find design-led solutions through holistic thinking. As a design agency, we partner with people and brands, allowing the space and time to understand the essence of who they are and why they do what they do. From here, we work together to design branding that not only nurtures the user, but also gives a brand’s message the space to breathe.

From an idea born in Sydney, Australia to the minimalist space now overlooking Amsterdam’s River IJ, our creative vision for Trashure Studio is to work organically with clients and continue to listen, learn and evolve with every project. Our ethos starts with the belief that ideas come to life and travel further and faster when given space to grow.

We offer our peaceful studio as a place for others to work, meet, create and find their inspiration. It’s a place where we invite debate, encourage conversation and nurture our community. We’re known as the place where one creative discipline feeds into the other.

As partners in life as well as in the studio, we’ve combined our skills in arts, marketing and creative direction to design simple and evocative brands. We gift our clients a space of serenity, so together we can rediscover the essence of what they do. By combining gentle simplicity with human-centred design, we eliminate any unwanted noise, to connect with the heart of each brand and its message. We don’t do this alone. We are lucky to be surrounded by talented people both inside and outside the studio, and we call upon them should we need to.

Above all, what we strive to create is a body of work demonstrating the simple beauty in the world. Stripped of clutter, all that remains is the gentle balance of minimal yet focused design.

Sacha Verbeek | Creative director | sacha@trashurestudio.com
Sander van den Hurk | Managing director | sander@trashurestudio.com

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